Seattle Swim tip: Step 1 of 5 to a flip turn

Step 1: Understanding it's not as hard as it looks!

Many of us at Seattle Swim, definitely including yours truly, didn’t grow up on a swim team.  So as we have taken to swimming in our adult years for fitness or a new challenge, we may not have learned some of the basics.

Over the past year, I have worked a lot on a flip turn. We all know its not necessary to do one in the open water in September as we are out there getting it done to fight cancer. But its winter folks, and many of us don’t just swim a few times a year in preparation for Seattle Swim. We like to get in the pool once or a few times per week to stretch, get the old heart rate up, and gain strength all at once.

Speaking for myself, developing an efficient flip turn is one of those little items that makes pool training more enjoyable and allows me to focus more on my strokes and workout, not just turning around every lap.  In that spirit, we bring you the 1st of a 5 step series on a developing a great flip turn from scratch.  Enjoy, and we’ll see you in the water!

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