Why Andy Hill swims – Team Samena

I’ve been swimming with the Samena Master group on/off for over 4 years now.  I’ve always used swimming as a form of exercise and recreation with friends and family.  I have been swimming in an organized team since high school.  It is a social network and fitness outlet for me.   I’ve flirted with other activities (running, biking, skiing, hiking, sports, …), but continue to rely on swimming for the ‘full workout’.  It’s a lifestyle.  I’ve met some of my closest friends through swimming.  Swimming makes me healthy, rehabs me from injuries, rescues me from family/ professional stresses, and keeps me safe in the waterways that surround us. 

It’s because of this that I feel so strongly about encouraging others to jump in the pool.  It can change a life for anyone wanting to improve their health.  It will surround you with people that are healthy in mind, body, and soul.  It connects you and grounds you.  It also give you opportunities to participate with your community in meaningful ways.  We are fortunate to have several events to allow you to swim to help others.  Every summer when our lakes warm up, there are several organized events that provide the opportunity to swim safely, for exercise, and for others.  I would encourage you to put these on your calendar.  I schedule to participate in the ‘Swim for Life’, ‘Park to Park’, and ‘Swim Across America’.

As an example, the ‘Swim across America’ is the only fund raiser I ask my friends and family to contribute to in support of something I feel strongly about.  On a personal note, I lost my mother to cancer when I was 10 and felt it was right to dedicate my efforts to one ‘ask’ per year that felt right for me. I don’t know anyone not touched by this tragic disease. The ‘Swim Across America’ is one of the best organized fund raisers for cancer and allows me to participate in a meaningful way. If any of this rings true to you (even in part), I would highly encourage you to participate. It feels good making a difference and joining such a well-organized event.  I would also encourage you to look at the other swim events that might have similar meaning to you.

This year we will be organizing the Samena Masters Group to participate as a team in the ‘Swim Across America’ event on September 8th, 2012.  Please contact me at NAndyHill@Gmail.com if you would be interested in joining our team.  It always proves to be a wonderful time.  Sincerely, Andy Hill

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