Lately, I’ve been amazed at how many wonderful fundraising events there are in the Puget Sound Area. Each summer (because only truly crazy Seattleites would attempt an athletic fundraiser other than during the summer!), I sit down and look through all of the great resource sites that are available to us now and pick a few that intrigue me.

Years ago, I had lofty goals – I think one summer I attempted to participate at some level in 10 events. Yes, 10. I had obviously lost my mind. Now that reality has set in, along with 2 children and a job, not to mention aching bones, I find myself focusing on just one. I settle my mind be reassuring myself that although it is only one event, I will put my heart and soul into it.

For the past 3 years, my fundraising “event of choice” has been the Seattle Swim for the Swim Across America. It has been a truly amazing experience in every aspect. After having lost a dear friend to cancer a few years ago, I couldn’t have found a better way to honor him. The swimmers I’ve met and have grown to call friends, the unbelievable volunteers who pull together to put it on, and the countless people who work for the beneficiary, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, ALL continue to inspire me. Did I mention the fantastic amount of money has been raised each year of this event?

Last weekend, after dinner with an old friend, I have had a change of heart. No longer will I have the excuse that I can only put my heart into one event, one way of helping, one way of contributing. We had started talking and she shared with me that she’ll be starting a new job next week, one that entails heading up the start of a new local fundraising event. After hearing all of her great ideas and seeing her obvious excitement, my brain started calculating all of the different ways that I could support her, her event, and her endeavors. Not only could we choose to participate in any of these events, we could team up at each others’ events, whether it be by participating, my volunteering, or armed with marketing information about the others respective happenings. The opportunities are endless and are all made possible by the fantastic community of athletes and supporters here in Seattle.

No longer will I make excuses. There are so many unbelievable organizations that need our help and honestly every little bit helps. I’ll try not to be overwhelmed by the fundraising goals or athletic challenges they may pose; I won’t stress over time I may or may not have; to be there to help out the day of, support leading up to, or participate in post-event projects. As our omnipresent friend Nike says, “Just do it”. And I intend to.

I feel so lucky to live in this great community. That’s truly what it’s all about …
Community supporting Community

The following is a list of a few great events and organizations that I support/have a personal connection to. I encourage you to forward along and share any that you are proud to support as well.

Swim Across America (http://www.swimacrossamerica.org)

Run for Hope (http://www.runofhopeseattle.org)

“Ooo-Um-Gowah” (http://www.kyleroger.blogspot.com/)

Ben Towne Foundation (http://www.bentownefoundation.org/)

Trek Tri-Island/Ride Around the Sound – American Lung Association of WA

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Welcome Group Health – a Seattle Swim sponsor!

We want to than Group Health for being a Seattle Swim corporate sponsor!

Marking its 65th year, Group Health Cooperative is an innovative, consumer-governed, nonprofit health care system that integrates care and coverage. Along with its subsidiary carriers, Group Health Options, Inc. and KPS Health Plans, Group Health works to improve the health of over 665,000 plan members in Washington and Idaho.

More than 9,000 staff employed by Group Health and Group Health Physicians, its contracted, multispecialty group practice, provide patient-centered, evidence-based care to members and the broader community through medical centers, a charitable foundation, and a nationally recognized research center.

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Happy 25th, Swim Across America!

Although our Seattle Swim is only headed into it’s 4th season, our parent organization is getting a few grey hairs.  Oh, and along with that grey comes $40m raised to fight cancer.  What an achievement!  A note from the SwimAcrossAmerica.org website below, but check out the 25th Anniversary Video if you want to get pumped!

Each of you is making a difference!

Each of us has loved someone diagnosed with cancer, and we have seen family and friends battle its ravaging effects. Now, we pour our hearts into finding a cure. We are extremely proud to announce that, to date, Swim Across America has generated over $40 million towards the research, treatment and prevention of cancer… And we’ve achieved this by banding together and swimming across our nation’s beautiful open waters and pools.

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